Huhuholics Guild Promotion by ArmaHuhu
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Hardcore raiding on a casual schedule
Huhuholics is the type of guild Blizzard designed the current game for. With 3 focused 3-hour raids a week, we're racing lockouts and patches instead of the nowadays pro-dominated raiding scene.

Great progress, a fun group of people and all of this while keeping ample time for studies/work/social life. Since Huhuholics formed from a group of players from the once well-known hardcore guild 'A Few Good Men', we've pretty much been playing with the same group of people.

We rarely recruit. And once accepted as a member, its been exceptionally rare that people leave this guild.

After a slow start to the expansion with how holidays fell, we're fed up of hanging out at the back and looking to smash through the heroic content currently on offer.

Raid schedule
- Tuesday 20:00 � 23:00
- Wednesday 20:00 � 23:00
- Sunday 20:00 � 23:00

Cataclysm Progress (9/13)
-Heroic Blackwing Descent 6/6
-Heroic Bastion of Twilight 2/5
-Heroic Throne of the Four Winds 1/2

Pre-Cata Achievements
- Sunwell Plateau Cleared
- Glory of the Raider
- Glory of the Ulduar Raider
- Tribute to Immortality
- Earth, Wind & Fire
- Lich King Heroic
- Halion Heroic

What are we currently after? (05/05/2011)

-An exceptional Protection Paladin or Warrior
-Awesome Priest (able to play both healing specs)

Summer recruitment has started and pretty much all classes will be considered! If you want to clear content and have time for your other summer activities as well, our casual 9h/week schedule in a hardcore environment is what you're looking for!

What do we expect of you?
Despite the fact that we are rather 'casual', we do expect our members to be there close to 100% of the time in those 3 raids. Our main philosophy is that we are limited by the time and nothing else. That means we expect you to read up on the latest theorycrafting for your class, read up on new bosses/hard modes we attempt and that you always come prepared with pots, enchants, gems, reagents, gold and the spec we need you to be in for, what we are attempting.

We expect you to act mature, as our guild has had no major incidents of drama in it so far and we intend to keep it that way.

What can we offer you?
- Experienced guild leaders who have guild leading experience since WoW Classic.
- A chance to do hard modes while not being commited to a 5 days a week raiding guild.
- Efficient use of the time. When we're raiding 9 hours a week, we don't have time to fool around during raids.
- A social guildchat with great discussions

If you think you have what it takes, feel free to post an apply regardless. We're always interested in exceptional players. Gear is a minor issue, although it does get taken into consideration (Particularly HOW you gear and what enchants/gems you have).

How to apply
Check out for more details.
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