Best of Wow Pvp 02/10 by Cold
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Please let me know if your jaw didn't drop toward the end of the movie. DOWNLOAD please, and then start helping to Fix WoW by Talking Shit.

If you like world pvp and want people to talk about it, please click the "Support This Movie" icon up to the right - or link it on your guild/server forum.

The Coldbear Report Best Of Wow List

Akrios was right. (
I'll puke if I see one more frostmage or undead rogue video. For my hidden agenda see the end of each video. Film-makers who said I could use their content:
Tosan WCM TosanTribe Youtube
Shadowguardo (100 Rogues in 4 minutes)
Grim (Total Annihilation is coming back!)
Pajay/Starmist/How To Feral/
Goon Squad FalconBK
John Rodriguez aka Pancakes of Gorgonnash
Spit/Spitty/Blink Master
The man, the myth, the Akrios

Fix WoW by Talking Shit

RL movies (another CrossFit film coming next!): CB08 We Are SoCal

The point was to draw attention to cool stuff and world pvp.


OMG Y NO VURTNE, AKRIOS OR DRAKEDOG? They'll be in later installments, Dd was in 01 and will have more later prob. If you're a movie author I'll take your opinion very seriously.

Suggestions: BE SPECIFIC. I don't know everything and haven't seen it all. You apparently do & have. Tell me what scene in what movie.

YOU'RE STEALING OTHER PEOPLE'S STUFF: Yep, I sure am. I PM�d everyone to ask them if I could use their content. Exactly 100% of replies all said the same thing � YES.

WHAT SONG IS THAT? Check that author's movie. Shazaam your cellphone. Google the lyrics usually works.

Thanks to:
Gedan and Uzbeki for the best gaming movie website. All the authors, underrated or famous. Blizzard Mac Dev Team for built-in UI-less recording. Blizzard world design team. Tom Wolsky. Crossfit girls.

Thanks a lot:
To whatever ***hole decided to not let anyone initiate pvp against people on flying mounts. Knockback dismount for one spec of each class, and parachutes for all, I say. PVE'rs are safe on their pve servers.

...That epic PvP encounter in the roaming world, a random battle behind some mystifying scenery that will only happen once, where the only reward is pride. World PvP is WoW as a game, as a memorable experience. - Akrios,

PLEASE HELP me find these:
2. AV video (mage/lock?) where he jumps up on a vertical post while a rogue (?) tries to repeatedly shadowstep (?) him and falls off.
3. Feral video at AB LM, rogue shadowsteps himself off the cliff, and mage keeps sheeping his target, author was a regular on the official druid forums during TBC era (Plainsrunner?) iirc.

If you're an author and comment on here I'll probably check out your stuff. I haven't seen everything. This is just my opinion. I generally go for funny/cool/awesome/incredible use of terrain/interesting/cool scenery/killer visuals over arena rating, zoomed out action and UI clutter, no matter how skilled you are. There'll be more arena and under-represented specs. There's a glut of really good mage and rogue videos.
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