ScrubBusters T11 Recruitment by GTmoniq
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Hi all,

This time I made a short recruitment video to strengthen our recruitment. We are currently working on Heroic: Valiona and Theralion 25 man after clearing 7/13 25 man on Heroic mode so far. Our best attempt being 13.7%, however the encounter is providing some laughs as you can see in the actual video.

As the video states we are looking for some players with the right raiding attitude regarding performance-attitude-attendance. Class isn't that important overall seeing we can adjust our raiding roster towards our needs usually, however we have some guaranteed vacancies for the following:

Interested in ALL classes.
Very interested in:

Death Knight



Resto Druid
Holy/Disc Priest
Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman

I would like to point out you some would expect hardcore elitism but as you can see from our actual progression video raids are usually really laid back asides a few raid monitoring people like Halby yelling once in a while.

Same elitism goes for applications however. Being in a low ranked guild doesn't make you a bad player. It shouldn't be hard for you to figure out if you stand out in what you do in your guild, and then we might want you.

This is our mid-progression recruitment that will allow you to step into raiding while we are closing in on unlocking Lady Sinestra 25 heroic and the other heroic end wing bosses.

Progression raiding currently obviously, afterwards you can expect a very laid back raiding schedule of a few days per week at maximum untill Tier 12 hits us.

More information about us as a guild:
★ Apply to SB - Application Template :
★ [SB] General information

Cy@ ingame, SB
Recruitment info by Halby
Vid by GT
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