ScrubBusters vs Magmaw 25 Heroic Mode by GTmoniq
Class: Multiple | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - The Maelstrom ( Rampage )
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ScrubBusters vs Magmaw 25 Heroic Mode

This time I managed to put together 3 Point of Views, Moonkin, Hunter and Holy Paladin. I think the kill part was quite nicely done as I was trying to show everyone�s specific role, like the kiting and so on. However, there is also a 2nd part in the video after the actual kill, which purpose is just to entertain. If you want to see what happens when you kill the boss and around 10 adds will not despawn, watch it till the very end because it is actually quite funny, aswell as you can feel and hear the ScrubBusters unique Team Speak atmosphere.

#76 World Kill on 25man according to Wowprogress
#40 EU Kill on 25man according to Wowprogress

Blackwing Descent, Magmaw Heroic Mode
23rd January 2011

After few hours of figuring out how to kite the adds and many wipes due to holy paladin kiting strategy, we changed the tactic and after few tries of practice we finally managed to take him down. This is making us 7/13HC atm, Dragons are next.

Point of View:
Balance Druid
Holy Paladin

Damage Vault � Damaged [Dark Remix by New Breed]
Damage Vault � Damaged [Sinners Remix by Ash Empire]
Damage Vault � Damaged [Amnesia Remix by Digital Vein]
DJ Ketzer - Entry of the Gladiators Remix

ScrubBusters is a top alliance guild from The Maelstrom EU with realm firsts from wotlk such as Algalon, Yog with 0 keepers or Earth, Wind & Fire. Cataclysm is the new challenge for us and we will compete for all realm firsts, aswell as climbing world rankings a bit higher. And ofcourse, our media will bring you videos from such an events.

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GTmoniq's Youtube channel:

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