Boocraft - 85 Arms Warrior Cataclysm: Part 2 by Boocraft
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : US - Velen ( Retaliation )
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Movie Summary
PART 2 of my new Arms Warrior video.


EVERYONE on the Cataclysm Beta has the same gear for PvP because the 85 Premade copies come with full Blue PvP Set.

**Whats new?**
The Video quality will be a lot better this time.
More editing and cool songs that go AMAZING with the video.
Longer video and this time a lot of good scenes that will really get people liking Warriors more.
A good look at a Male Worgen Warrior in PvP, in intense fights.
The Date on the Calender in-game proves I filmed this during the nerf. Warriors got some damage reduction and health Regen got nerfed hard.

Song list is at the end of the Video, and I made this video to feel more exciting as the video goes on and on.

This will most likely be my last "BETA" Cataclysm video, MAYBE, but I will make more BG videos when the game goes live for those who really enjoyed my videos.

Thanks for watching, Enjoy the video and please Comment / Rate =).

I will always release my videos first on my Youtube Channel so be sure to check that out if you enjoy my videos.

- Boocraft
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