The 25th Line - WoW Comedy (Blizzcon 2010 Submission) by BVPmedia (Seemos)
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What actually goes on in the 25th and final line of Stormwinds Soldiers fighting a great epic battle? Join Stormwinds soldiers Jim, Steve and Perry as they are thrown into the heat of battle by one of Stormwinds strick Generals. BVP's first real voiced over Machinima since My Life for the Horde - Legend of Seemos back in 2006 and our first comedy since Adventures of Thorin 2005.

Directed and Produced By: Corey Bannerman Written By: Ryan Bannerman and Shane Rawlins Voiced By: Ryan Bannerman, Shane Rawlins, Jarred Currie, Jenny Hat.

Technical: FIlmed on Nazgrel-US using only 5 different characters, the rest were cleverly inserted using Modelviewer, SFX Copyright by Blizzard And crowd army sfx / Studio Voiceovers by and . Credit Music by

I Recommended to download the file then watch instead of stream! Only 90MB shouldn't take long!! Free download Link ---->>

Make sure you check out And Subscribe to BVPmedia on youtube and Seemos (aka) Drizz on

Update!: Added Outtakes to youtube, figured if I posted it on WCM people would get mad so, its on youtube... click image below to hear some of our recording outtakes..

Update November 7th -

Hey guys thanks for all the great comments! I have received a bunch of messages and emails regarding a series to go along with the 25th Line. This will most likely not happen but the caracters will make a brief appearance in the upcoming movie Adventures of Thorin 2, which harnesses the same type of comedy from this film!
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