Unite the Trolls: World PVP! Bring It Back! (NTP) by BVPmedia (Seemos)
Class: Warrior | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Azjol-Nerub ( Cyclone )
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Unite The Trolls

Branching off the "My Life For The Horde" Story-Line this film takes a more realistic feel. Introducing the Son of the Troll warrior Kajara. Seemos is one of the new leaders among the trolls and unites his people to bring back the fun days where the Horde use to attack the alliance just for the hell of it.

Unite the Trolls, the epic promo of the new world pvp schedual being introduced by Seemos of Azjol-Nerub, To help bring back the old days when pvp was for fun.

It was hard to figure out where to put this movie, either story-line, Guild, or PVP would have been suitable. It has quite a bit of all of those categories, but I thought S-L would give it the most views. The movie is mixed to the song Summer Overture from Requiem for a Dream, which was used in our old guild promo.... Cheers!!

Additional Mirrors will be added once the movie gets a bit more popular!

UPDATE: Im looking for people who want to join the team of Nilbog Troll productions. Looking for quality extra's as well as people have decent Audio equipment to star in and provide voice over's for future films! post your application today at

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To contact me in game send your mail, or see if im online on Seemos (horde) on Azjol-Nerub.
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