How to make a PvP Movie - Part Two by Rainy Robot Pictures
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Read this description, please!
So, after two days of no sleep i've managed to finish the second part of the three part video tutorial on how to (hopefully) end out with a succesful first pvp-movie. The tutorial itself has turned out alot longer than i had imagined, so i simply had to cut a lot of the material out, in order to not end up with a 30 minutes long video.
Nonetheless, i've covered the basics of what i had planned for this part, but i'm afraid i had to cut out 'Soundeffects', so i'll do a follow-up on that one in a later 'Requested Tutorials' video.

Previous tutorials i'm refering to in this video: (Zooming) (Masking) (Quality effect)

Final result of the intro i made in the tutorial:

This Tutorial Contains:
- How to overall make an intro.
- How to work with music.
- What your movie should contain.
- How to work with transitions.
- How to add a basic crop.
- David Hasselhoff.

What i had to cut out:
- Soundeffects (Will be picked up in a later tutorial video)
- How to work with longer clips (Will be picked up in a later tutorial video)
- Fonts and Font Effects (Including 3d text using SVP9)

Despite the length, i hope you won't get bored to death.
Peace out,
Gary Hartmann.

Gary Hartmann
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