Dranea Frostieflakes PvP 4: Comedy by Draneor
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Deathwing ( Bloodlust )
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Movie Summary

Please be so kind to read the summary before viewing the movie! : - )


Finally I'm done with this horrible movie that I've been stuck with for almost 2 months.

A warning first to those that haven't seen my trailer, this movie contains majorly retarded voice acting, if you are Mr. Serious you wont find these 27 minutes worth your own precious time. : - P
also excuse my voiceacting sometimes I can be a bit hard to understand/hear due to soundlevels that got screwed up slightly.

This movie is meant to be really fast paced and hopefully even tho its fairly long, your time will still fly by!

So what does the movie contain?

Regular PvP
Overuse of Engineering
Failure due to 0.5 second errors
Druids, lots of druids!
Small Comedy Sections
Totally rubbish duels against totally rubbish players (cept for Dator ofc : - P)
And me getting spanked, litterally!
And other stuff that I cant remember

Also note that most of the time when I was working on this movie, I had to be stoned to do some of the voices, this made the quality of the editing slightly crappier but still watchable : - P

Hope you Enjoy and thanks for watching! : - )

The Addon used is Event Alert and can easily be found through google. : - )
Also note that this is not a skill movie, its just me trying to show something new and hopefully entertaining, thanks for all your comments! ^_^
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