Double Destruction 2v2 - Akaforty/Kezzak by VisitorCz
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Drak'thul ( Reckoning )
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VisitorCz's Arena Team 1
Kezzak Akaforty
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We're back.
Pure Destruction 2v2.

All fights recorded on Reckoning BG - EU, in time of "Arena Bug" and new Arena System, my and Kezzak's rating difference
was greater than 200, so it kinda sucked that time.
Almost got Hot Streak also :-D
Well, I wasn't really into it, so it's released kinda late, but there you go :P
Firstly I didn't want to input editing into Arena movie, but it's a Double Destro-must have editing-movie, so I've
"lightly" edited few scenes.

We are not ground-arena-rating-breaking warlocks, we've done just 1700 rating max., and our record of win-loss was
8-0. But I believe that we could do better on any other BG(Not Stormscale lolz), because Reckoning is full of DK/Paladin teams
and it was really hard to find few fights without DK/Pala setups or where we won(That really happened just rarely).

Last time we played 10 games we were "farmed" by 6 DK/Paladin teams.(Kezzak got also insta-killed, which was funny),
so it is kinda unplayable. Let's see what will the 3.1 patch bring :-)


Spitfire - Prodigy
Farmer Boys - Here comes the Pain
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Der Weg
Dark Tranquillity - Wonders at your Feet

If you would like to contact us, feel free to do so in-game or on our guild forums -

Please subscribe to my youtube channel. I will add videos, which you will not see on

Enjoy the Movie.
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