Final Act by Eskei
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Closed the expansion with this last collection of moments and memories, loved legion with all my heart, despite people opinion about it being a grind camp, to me it was alot of fun
had a really good time, made a lot of videos and recordings, pvp was never meant to be fair or balanced, but in Legion it felt like it was the most entertaining i ever had since tbc/end of wotlk
my class felt very fun to play and i have no complains, my only regret is my internet giving up after nighthold release and forced me to quit.

that being said, im working on it and hopefully i can come back in the early stages of battle for azeroth with everything fixed and in check
Ill try making videos, and maybe even stream depending on the support i can get, since im a beginner in editing and settings things.

Thanks to anyone who read this far into the description and supported me though this awesome expansion, sorry for all those who were disappointed by my arena performance and me "stealing" the name of my Vanilla Hero VURTNE

long story short, when i decided to move outland with friends, they went alliance, i refused to play ally and stood horde, my original name and all my ideas were taken, and... somehow.... Vurtne, was avaiable, and i thought, well someone is going to get this name, and between me and a lvl 29 twinker rogue i decided to take it.

If by any chance the real Vurtne DOES come back, ill gladly give up this game to him, he who inspired me since vanilla times to play this class for a decade without ever rerolling or changing.

now, back to the main thing, ill leave you guys to the actual video description and song list.

Long live World of Warcraft, and its legends.

Vurtne (not the real one)
outland eu
Story of the Year - Tell Me
Los Lobos & Gipsy Kings - La Bamba
Story of the Year - The Antidote
Muse - Time is Running Out

- Vurtne Wallpaper made by Jonzii
Follow him on twitter and get your own wallpaper!

Long live legends.

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