Uhvoidme 1 "Seal Fate" 1.12.1 60 Rogue PvP by uhvoidme
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Dont take offense if you were in the video, i dont hate any horde or ally.

Recorded in the span of 2-3 weeks, spec is 31/8/12 (seal fate) because i dont have 5 piece nightslayer to enjoy 21/8/22. I am also not fully geared as you can see, but i do have really good weapons so it somewhat makes up for my crap rings and few other pieces. (switched between devilsuar 2 set and blue pvp 2 set throughout film)

Film contains 1 v x's, Wpvp and BG pvp with no engineering because im not that big of a fan of it to be honest. Not the craziest things you have ever seen and i dont think im the best of all Nostalrius, but i thought it is a pretty cool film to show and upload =)
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